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What Handicraft(Handiwork) means?
"Handicraft(Handiwork)" composts of two portions, one is "Hand Made" and the other is "craftsmanship". décorMaster follows the concept of micro-enterprise and try to avoid industries that may require huge investment. Instead of that, the entrepreneurs can rely on their own hands with limited tools to create unlimited potential in the future.
Therefore "Hand Made " means the service and product provided by hand such as barbering, pressure release, massage; while "craftsmanship" is to create art with hands and simple materials/recycled items through wise arrangement.
Can the membership be terminated?
The answer is Yes. Same as the decision to apply for membership, it is also one's choice to terminate the membership.
For member who submits ID copy and application for membership of volunteer, there will be no refund for paid entrance and annual fee as it is the expense charged for administration.
Is it free for those volunteer members to attend profession training course or test for certification?
The profession training course or test for certification provided by décorMaster is set for public. Volunteer members have the priority to attend and enjoy the discount on charge but it is not free.
Is there a certification provided if one passes the test of profession training?
Yes. Once pass the test of profession training, the multi-language certification (Chinese & English) will be provided.
Is there valid period set on certification for the proof of pass profession training?
Yes, there is of course. One needs to attend the test every two years to be assured that the profession level is kept or improved.
How to deal with the defective products bought from décorMaster?
Unless there is special statement from users' guide and label on the products, we provide 14-day warranty after product bought and there is no reason required.
Please take photo of the defective products and contact with either the agent that the product bought from or contact with d?corMaster directly to proceed replacement.
Does décorMaster provide service to send product to destinations global?
Yes, it is possible. We can send the products to the address as required and quote the actual freight in advance for your decision.
Does the warranty service same if the product is sent to destination global?
Yes, It is the same 14-day warranty after product bought and there is no reason required. We have the same global warranty policy.