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 Fair Trade Principles
1. To maintain a fair and harmonious partnership
  MingAi / décorMaster assists all of its partners to gain the best results from trading under the precondition of efficient cost management, while pursuing long-term cooperation in accordance with fairness and reciprocity. For manual workers that are traditionally economically underprivileged and are marginalized from business transaction, including unemployed disadvantaged individuals, minority families and groups, etc., we help them to secure better contracts as well as revenues, while, in the meantime, providing pre-delivery payments in order to support otherwise vulnerable fair trade. People with different backgrounds in terms of ethnicity, age, sex and gender, religion, education, social status, culture, physical and metal condition, and even tribal tradition, are being paid respect to during the transaction.
2. To ensure publicity and visibility of non-confidential information and reliability of transaction
  All business transactions with décorMaster are subject to principles of publicity and visibility, with related information disclosed to business partners on an open platform, which is established to facilitate maximum participation from our clients and associate partners. In addition, MingAi / décorMaster also abides by each country's tax laws and pays taxes honestly. We promise to foster just and mutually respectful relationships with our partners and associates through open, transparent management characteristic of fair trade.
3. To provide working conditions in accordance with gender equality and welfare
  MingAi / décorMaster guarantees a discrimination-free workplace where every worker, irrespective of their sex and sexual orientation, is entitled to equal and equitable job opportunities, promotions and advancements, as well as salaries. We are also committed to providing our work partners with a safe and healthy environment for both working and lodging, in order to meet their needs for clean food and water, nursing and child care, antenatal and childbearing assistance, continuing education, leisure activities, appropriate working hours, and adequate medical care.
4. To follow international standards for vocational safety & hygiene
  MingAi / décorMaster follows principles and policies held by the government of each country and region, rigidly conducts supervisions over factory safety measurements, and implements on a regular basis hazards prevention maneuvers and on-the-job training programs.
5. To do justice to each party of transaction via pricing strategy
  Through a balanced leverage system that involves the consumer, the work partner, and the supply chain as a whole, the pricing of our products is necessarily outcome of a cooperative process and hence made reasonably acceptable to all concerned parties. In order to ensure its ever-lasting development on the market, just transaction in terms of pricing has to be complete with three key elements: "Suppliers are able to maintain a reasonable profit level in the face of international commodity prices and exchange rate fluctuations"; "Work partners are able to be rewarded according to their labor provision"; and "Consumers are able to purchase fair trade commodities at reasonable prices". As a key supplier, MingAi / décorMaster is determined to do its own part by, among other things, shaping its purchase prices on the basis of proportionate rewards formula provided by the government of each country and region.
6. To assist associate partners to boost their production
  Not only does MingAi / décorMaster focus its idea about fair trade on pricing, but it is also concerned with transmission and transplantation of business "know-how" in various fields ranging from trading, production, on-site management, through to marketing and promotion. In order to prepare work partners for pushing our products onto the global market, it is definitely important to help them grow independently enough to be equipped with management skills and abilities to exploring new markets.
7. To focus on environmental issues
  MingAi / décorMaster is aware of its obligation to promote ideas about perpetual management of natural environment. In doing so we encourage using recycled and recyclable materials during production, while avoiding denudation and any other misuse of natural resources. Environmental protection and conservation is key to our policies.
8. Never to handle business illegally
  MingAi / décorMaster is vowed not to offer, consent to, and accept any bribery of government officials in the form of cash or other equivalent interests. This policy applies to other supply chain partners, with an aim to fight against any conducts leading to corrupt handling of business corporations.
9. To protect consumers rights
  MingAi / décorMaster guarantees its customer a pleasant and worry-free experience of shopping, whatever the type, the amount, the channel, the place or the time should be, by offering the highest possible quality that accords with what is shown through its promotion venues. We also promise that every single complaint filed by our customer will be processed in an active and responsible manner and according to standards that are higher and stricter than what is provided in the statute laws of the country or region in question. Consumers' personal information is also protected as much as possible, in order to prevent any abuse of individual privacy its leaking might lead to.
10. To encourage creative innovations & accumulation of intellectual capitals
  MingAi / décorMaster encourages its associate partners to be always creative and motivated. While respecting others' intellectual property rights, they are encouraged to facilitate exchanges of empirical knowledge within the corporation. The empirical knowledge deriving from firsthand, on-site, experience is first transformed into technologically-based framework and then incorporated into ready-to-use database for future appropriations or reformations by other partners.
11. To adjust to the highly competitive market
  MingAi / décorMaster is both legally and strategically prepared for somehow maleficent means of some competitors in the market. Having said that, we insist on our once-for-all law-abiding and honest policy in the face of intense challenges in the endlessly changing market. That is to say, we will carry on the universal pricing tactics, never manipulate any government or private bidding, never apply unfair commodity quota to particular countries or regions, and never attack our competitors through forcible seizure and crafty acquisition of market shares.
12. To promote ideal of fair trade for good
  To follow the principles of just and honest transaction, we, the producer and the supplier, should inform our customers, who we want to establish a mutual-trusty relationship with, fully about the procedures of production, the sources and substances of products, and so on. However, fair trade with décorMaster is not only an action of and by the producer. More importantly, it is an ethical education for the consumer. It attempts to make contents and spirits of fair trade prevail and to involve consumers from all over the world into real and practical actions against forced poverty on the global scale. The final goal is to find balance between economical growth and social justice and wellbeing.