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1. The site of MingAi / décorMaster (the Site) is designed to allow our customers to quickly understand the products and service we provide. Please review the following terms and conditions of use, which govern your use of the Site (the "Agreement").
2. To help the customers understand the security ordering procedures which provided at the Site, please read the following term of Purchasing and Ordering carefully.
3. If you have any questions in connection with the Site's copyright or other concerns, please contact us by Email. Our service representative will reply your message shortly.
Scope of the term
4. All the information published by the Site is designed and registered by the Site or the collaborating suppliers, which is protected by Taiwan Government and international copyright regulations. Any actions of use, copy, reserve look up, reverse engineering of the information are prohibited and illegal.
5. All the products and services from the Site are described neutrally. However, it is not guaranteed that all of them are useful to a certain extent to the customers, neither all are correct.
6. All the specifications and conditions quoted by the Site are assured by the Site and its collaborating suppliers according to the condition of experiments made for them.
Prohibited uses
7. Unless authorized by the Site, it is prohibited to copy the products and service provided by the Site. The Site and its collaborating suppliers will keep the right to ask for compensation legally.
8. Any modifications, additions or revisions of these terms will be considered as invalid before receive the notification in writing.
9. All the designs originated from the Site belong to the Site and its collaborating suppliers as creators and are protected legally by Taiwan government and international copyright regulations. The content cited by the Site for its service or products belongs to the parties or persons who create. All the products and service of the Site are protected by copyright legally (just like books and music) and one can only resale all or part of them but cannot copy the information or service guide attached.
10. If you have any questions on our products or services at order stage, please contact us by Email at any time. Thank you!