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    "Decoupage Social Enterprise INC." began in the fall of 2011, development comes from the non-profit organization "MingAi Handiwork Association, Taiwan", in early focus on R&D and popularize handicraft vocational training, products and service. Through constant efforts, ongoing vertical and horizontal integration from products design and service, vocational training processes, supply with production chain construction and international marketing. In 2013 officially classified as research and innovation business, vocational training business, manufacturing business, and international trade business, development axis with "TaiwanMingAi" , "décorMaster" , "zhanGrila" , "LighthgiR" and "OrdinaryNobility" unified recognition as an international brand till now.

    In the increasingly serious problem of global warming and the destruction of justice, we recognize the importance of ecological balance of the full maintenance and corporate social responsibility. Therefore, our research team has developed a variety of eco-friendly materials and high-quality products. From production to the transaction process are all with fairness and justice as our high standards.

    Since the establishment, we give priority to training and hiring persons with disabilities and poor people to improve their economic conditions. This belief was extended to international remote areas, we providing free vocational training and accommodation programs. After training, we arrange jobs in the sheltered workshops. Adhering to the essence of fair international trade, advance to provide all necessary raw materials, tools, equipment and also acquisition of finished goods, pay wages to the producers. In order to fulfill the social enterprise concept: "Taken from society, give back to society".

    "To assist the vulnerable to regain human dignity" is our social idea, we will uphold this idea, to work together with all predecessors, and continuous innovation based on world trends, so we can all work together to become ...


Découpage? What does that mean?

    'Découpage' becomes a Big Hit in global. What is the unbeatable glamour of this art?

    'Découpage', the English word, derives from French. It is the art of decorating any appliance from our daily lives by glue cutouts in combination. It's a method of creative expression on decorating art.

    'Découpage' art has a long and fascinating history since the 15th century. Lacquer wares from China became a greater fuser in the circle of nobles in Europe at the time period because of its graceful, elegant appearance and complex technique.

    The artists from Europe started to follow the steps of Chinese lacquer wares in the 16th century. The exclusive furniture manufacturers from Great Britain had fully grasped the charm of lacquer wares in the 17th century. Martin brothers had developed different paint which brought the work-piece to a blissful circumstance. The artists from Venice, Italy also had searched new technique for decorating object, which knew as 'Découpage' technique, at the time period.

    The international trade had been gaining popularity in the late 17th century. The European upper class was fascinated with the silk, lacquer wares, ceramics and other artworks which were imported from China. Holding the China implements with Eastern exceptional totem was the symbol of fine taste during the time period.

    However, these elegant artworks were not only pricey, but also needed to make efforts on time and sources. Therefore, the artists in Venice used exquisite printing with suitable glue to collage the work-piece instead of manual painting. According to overall layout of the artwork, the artists would color on partial area, and then sealed with multiple coats on as for protection layer. Even though, the collage artwork piece could not compete with China lacquer wares in details. Nevertheless, it received warm welcome in the market because of the lower cost consideration. It was the foundation of modern 'Découpage' art after all.

    In the 18th and 19th century, 'Découpage' considered as part of the daily life in Europe. Something that is worth to be mentioned; the handmaids whom served Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, had already collaged the reprinted painting of Watteau and Boucher on bandbox or vanity case for hair piece. The handmaids had created the word 'Découpage' for the collage works hence. The trace of original 'Découpage' work-piece can still be found in antique closet or furniture at art museums. The modern 'Découpage' decorating art became a sensation in the market at the Victorian era in 19th century.

    'Découpage' art nowadays has worm out the shackles of complex technique, but keeps an extension in traditional cultivation since 17th century. The artists save time on waiting for work-piece to dry with the assistance of current technology on glue, coating and prints instead of complicate manual works. Also it's able to create customize style according to the characteristic of object.

    Whoever accomplishes the prerequisite technique lessons will be able to come up with ingenious products by redesigning the waste goods or recycled objects from our daily lives. To the shop owners, it will save excessive charges on decoration. Also it will impress the customers with the remarkable DIY style. The process of praise others charm artworks to produce one on your own is in between the thoughts of thinking and action.

    To simplify the term of this creative art is:

Pick 'ANY' pictures or patterns you like, and

paste them on 'ANY' surfaces or objects you want.

    The greater attainments in durable, difficulty and art depend on the limits of the term, 'ANY'. It is able to blend with other manual work pieces but will not disarrange the original art work which is an interesting phenomenon in the high-competitive handcraft market.

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